Gluteeniton Kauralaku 200 g

Our novelty for the turn of the year 2022 is the gluten-free Kauralaku, which makes deliciousness easier

Our first completely gluten-free licorice, Kauralaku, has landed in well-stocked food stores, our factory stores and our online store.

The taste is familiar Halva's tasty licorice, where 100% of the licorice grain is domestic oats and it is also a delicacy suitable for vegans. Oats are a naturally gluten-free grain, so they are often suitable for celiacs as long as they are prepared separately from other grains. Such oats are called pure oats. Finnish oats are of high quality: they are rich in beta-glucan and protein, and the fat quality is very good.

- As a result of two years of product development work, we finally found the key to success and we got our long-awaited new product gluten-free Kauralaku on the market. We didn't want to compromise on the taste of Halva tasty licorice, so we are very satisfied with the end result, states CEO Jean Karavokyros.

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