Quality – Certificates

Quality – Certificates

Halva has in recent years made ​​significant efforts in improving the quality of the company’s operations. We consider impeccable quality as one of the most important competition factors. In recognition of the long-term business development Inspecta granted the ISO 9001 quality certificate. The certificate encompasses the company’s entire business.

In 2004 Inspecta granted the ISO 14001 environmental certificate. The certificate covers all activities at both the Helsinki and Vantaa facilities.

In 2013 Inspecta granted the ISO 22000 product safety certificate. This certificate is to guarantee a high level of product safety.

2015Halva has made continuous work and efforts in the field of product safety management. Our product safety fulfills even tighter technical standards nowadays. Therefore Halva has been granted the product safety certificate of a higher level, namely FSSC 22000 in June 2015.

In 2020 Halva received an ISO 28000 certification for its Supply Chain Security Management system. The certification entails the warehousing, dispatch, office and outlet activities in Vantaa.

In 2021 the company was awarded the high level BRC-product safety certificate, which replaced the earlier received FSSC 22000 certificate.

These certifications show that Halva is committed to the continuous improvement and development of the business operations in order to achieve better quality and that product safety and environmental considerations are of paramount importance to the company.

Sustainable development measures

• We use only 100% renewable electricity.

• We have reduced our use of plastics by at least 8 tonnes through the measures we have already taken. Work to reduce plastic continues.