Corporate Responsibility


Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the basis of our operations. We act responsibly and follow ethically acceptable principles in all our actions, both in the work community and with our partners.

A responsible way of working is at the core of Halva's family business. Responsibility means profitable long-term business for Halva, the owners' strong commitment to the company's daily work, pride in their own work, taking care of their employees, long-term employment relationships and paying taxes to Finland. Raw materials and packaging materials are only purchased from ethically and socially responsible suppliers.

The world's best licorice is made in Finland, because licorice is produced in an ethically sustainable way: the products are of high quality and safe. The same applies to all the sweets we make. The background of what we do is the values ​​of family entrepreneurship, adopted by the entire staff.

Halva is thus a socially responsible, social operator.

Responsibility – carbon footprint reduced by 25%

We invest in sustainable development by reducing emissions, using more environmentally friendly packaging materials and increasing waste recycling with the following measures:

We increase the use of plastic by increasing the use of recyclable plastic.
We reduce the use of traditional plastic by switching to wood-based, carbon-neutral plastic.
We have completely given up on the use of palm oil, because rainforests are being cleared for oil palm plantations.
The side streams of the production are used to make fodder for pigs.
Last year, we implemented several significant measures to reduce energy consumption.

These measures have reduced the confectionery factory's carbon footprint by approximately 25 percent. Through good work and a responsible way of working, the world's best licorice and salmiakki are produced in Finland.

In 2022, we will take measures that will reduce our carbon footprint by another 15-20%. Our goal is that by 2025 our business will be completely carbon neutral.

Sustainable development measures

We use district heating from renewable sources only.
We have reduced our use of plastic by at least 8 tons with the measures already implemented. The work to reduce plastic continues.