Payment methods

Klarna Checkout

Payment for purchases takes place via the Klarna Checkout payment system. With this service you can easily, flexibly and safely make purchases from this online store.

Pay immediately.

Buy what you love and enjoy. Card and online bank payments appear in the Klarna application like other payment methods, so you always stay on top of your expenses.

No more searching for your credit card in the bottom of your bag or remembering long passwords. No more hesitation about the reliability of online shopping. Klarna fills in the information for you and serves as a guarantee of the reliability of the online store. Your payment is processed immediately and you can see it in the Klarna app.

If the payment processing fails, we will try again. If the purchase still does not go through, you will receive a 30-day free invoice, which you can easily pay later via your email or in the Klarna app.

Download the Klarna app:  

By paying for your purchase immediately with Klarna via online banking or card payment, you benefit as follows:

  • You pay directly at the checkout without having to enter card details or an additional password.  You can trust that it is safe to shop in that online store.  Your purchase appears in the Klarna app, so you always stay on top of your own expenses.

Pay later.

Place an order today and pay for the product only after you have received it and made a final purchase decision.

With Klarna, you get 30 days of cost-free and interest-free payment time. The payment period starts when the order is sent. This means you receive the product before you have to pay for it. You can also feel free to try the product before making a purchase decision. If for some reason you want to return the product, you don't have to wait for the money to be returned to your account.

The invoice will be sent with your order. It also appears in the Klarna app, where you get reminders of the due date and pay your bills easily. If you want, you can also snooze your payment, i.e. postpone the due date of your invoice. We charge a small fee for this service.

Split the payment in installments.

Sometimes, when making larger purchases, it is good to be able to spread the expenses over months. With Klarna, you can place an order now and split the payments over up to 36 months. In the Klarna application, you manage your payments and due dates.

Klarna's installment payment does not require complicated registration or a separate credit application. We make a credit decision immediately based on the information you enter at checkout. If you are granted the opportunity to pay in installments, you can choose the installment plan that suits you best, the terms and costs of which will be presented to you immediately at checkout. Our installment payments always have fixed due dates. In the Klarna application, you can always see your next due date and receive reminders.

Read the credit terms here .

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is the own payment provider of the Shopify system, which eliminates the third party in payments. Through Shopify Payments, you can pay for your purchases by card, reliably without giving your information to third parties.