Halva Ltd.

We are a Finnish medium-sized family business founded in 1931, where the family members themselves are strongly involved in the company's daily operations. Our work community is lead by the third generation.

  • The confectionery factory, packaging plant and factory outlet are located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.
  • The office, warehouse and factory outlet are located in Tammisto, Vantaa.
  • Our company is especially known for licorice and salmiakki sweets, of which more than 50% are exported.
  • Member of the Family Business Association since 2001.
Finnish family business
We want to create pleasure and taste experiences for consumers and make high-quality licorice sweets - the best licorice in the world.

Our most important goal is a satisfied customer: when we make the world's best licorice, we make our customers satisfied.

Set of values
Our ultimate value is family business and family entrepreneurship. These values ​​are reflected in our entire operating process.

For us, being a family business means that our owner commits to the daily work, creates a good workplace for the staff and bears his responsibility as a socially responsible operator. That's why Halva's products are a responsible choice that you can enjoy with a good mood and a clear conscience. Through good work and a responsible way of working, the world's best licorice and salmiakki are produced in Finland.