Bower - Earn money by recycling

Earn money by recycling - Oy Halva Ab in cooperation with Bower

We started cooperation with Bower, the Swedish company that invented the packaging recycling application, in October 2022. Thanks to the cooperation, customers who buy Halva products can recycle packaging and earn money. You get 2 points, or €0.02, for each package recycled through the application. By collecting points, you can turn them into money, redeem prizes or, if you wish, donate them to charity. Easy right?

Together with Bower, we expanded on our sustainability and accountability goals by offering our customers a service that ensures packaging is properly recycled when our products are consumed. The industry has been missing a solution that enables direct communication between the consumer and the producer. With the Bower recycling application, we encourage consumers to recycle packaging, and in addition, the consumer is paid a reward for the effort caused by recycling, says Jean Karavokyros, CEO of Halva.

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