Halva varmistaa yhtiön tulevaisuuden kasvun Amazon-yhteistyöllä

Halva ensures the company's future growth with Amazon cooperation

Halva LinkedIn Affiliate Publication August 2021

Halva ensures the company's future growth with Amazon cooperation

Halva and Your Amazon Partners are intensifying their cooperation in the US, UK and German markets as partners for international growth.

Halva is a Finnish family business that has been an inseparable part of Finnish confectionery and business history since the 1930s.

Halva has been producing the world's best licorice in Helsinki for decades and 80% of the beloved products are exported around the world.

Halva ensures the company's growth prospects in the future as well and has decided to expand its sales to the Amazon marketplaces in the USA, UK and Germany. The project has been carefully prepared with Your Amazon Partners through strategic work, analyzing the target market and preparing to start sales in different areas. The cheap, delicious products will be seen in the selections of the largest shopping center in the western world, according to the current estimate, during the current year.

Jean Karavokyros, CEO of Halva, explains the project: "As a family company with a long history, the most important thing for us is the ability to renew even if we stick to old traditions. With our Amazon partner's comprehensive analysis, we verified the commercial potential of our products on the Amazon market, so it was easy to make the decision to start."

"Amazon thought about us for a long time. New markets and sales channels require the best possible partner. Effortless cooperation regarding the project is important to us, and the added value brought by Your Amazon Partners, for example to find competitive advantages and the right positioning, has proven to be invaluable. Expectations from the new market are high, and the results obtained so far have convinced us of success," continues Halva's export manager Johan Båsk.

"The cooperation with Halva has been fruitful from the beginning and we have a common mission to succeed in different Amazon stores. Our Your Amazon Partners team provides fire support by building and growing the Amazon sales channel into a significant source of growth and profit for Halva. At the same time, a well-implemented Amazon strategy and hands-on work also serves other sales channels in the target market and feeds the circle of growth organically," says Tommi Harju, Halva's account director of Your Amazon Partners.

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