Halloween - Pyhäinpäivän aatto
halva verkkokauppa

Halloween - All Hallows´ Eve

Halloween is a theme party that is nice to spend with children and friends. Halloween has also been on the rise here in Finland, and people of different ages dress up as skeletons, ghosts, vampires or witches. During Halloween, a group of children dressed in fancy dress may appear at the door, shouting: trick or treat? Children are given sweets.

Adults like to organize their own masquerade parties. Good options from our selection for the Halloween party table are Chocolate Balls, Strawberry Licorice, Hot Salmiakki and various flavors of popular Halloween theme colored licorice.

Did you know?

Halloween is an Anglo-Saxon holiday celebrated on the eve of All Hallows' Eve. The name is an abbreviation of the English words All Hallows' Eve. The creation of Halloween has been influenced by the ancient Celts' day of the beginning of winter, samhain, the spirits of the dead were believed to move. In Finland, All Saints' Day is celebrated on a Saturday between October 31 and November 6, so the eve of All Hallows' Eve would be the Friday before All Saints' Day. This year, All Saints' Day will be celebrated in Finland on November 4, 2023.