Hyvää isänpäivää 12.11.


Remember dad on 12.11. with a delicious Old Time Licorice box. This rich, soft licorice suitable for Finnish tastes is one of Finland's best selling delicacies.

Father's Day is a holiday dedicated to honoring fathers. The day is celebrated in different parts of the world at different times, but in many it falls on the second Sunday of November.

Father's Day can be celebrated in many different ways. Typically, children give their fathers gifts, cards, and organize special activities or meals for him. Gifts vary greatly, and it can be anything that suits dad's interests and hobbies, such as clothes, electronics, tools, books or homemade gifts.

In many families, Father's Day is also an opportunity to spend time together with the family. Father's Day is a day that encourages expressing love and gratitude to fathers and father figures. It is also an opportunity to recognize the important role of fathers in families and society more broadly.