Suomen ostetuimmat lakritsipussit (*)

Wanhan Ajan laku 350 g is the most purchased licorice bag in Finland

The familiar soft licorice is made using the traditional licorice cooking method so that the licorice is cooked gently and evenly in pots for several hours. When cooked in this way, licorice achieves the softness and aromatic, tasty taste characteristic of real black licorice.

A licorice cook needs a deep knowledge of licorice pulp soup so that he knows when the licorice has reached just the right boiling point.

The second place is deservedly taken by Chocolate Balls Salmiakki 140 g, and its super triple taste has proven to be addictive. The chocolate ball has a licorice heart covered with white chocolate and topped with licorice powder.

Our 90-year-old family business would like to express our humble thanks to all of you, our dear customers, who have made it possible for us to reach the list of the most purchased licorice products in Finland. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

These results encourage us to continue on this proven path and we want to continue to serve our customers by producing new innovative products, without forgetting the old classics.

(*) Source: NielsenIQ Homescan licorice bags, purchases worth 52 weeks ending 2 February 2020 and 52 weeks ending 31 January 2021

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