Testaa Halvan muistipeliä - kuinka nopeasti muistisi toimii?

Test the Halva memory game - how fast does your memory work?

Win Halva's tasty sweets by playing a fun memory game.

Test how your memory plays and how quickly you can recognize Old Time licorice, Old Cars salmiac, Vanilla halva, Heart marmalade, marshmallows, Pommix and Jauhix bags as well as King Kong licorice sweets and Chocolate balls.

You can play the memory game from this link: https://www.muistipeli.com/peli2024/halva/

Take part in the lottery by saving your game results in the TOP-10 list. Every month, we raffle one product package among all those who saved the results.

Memory games are a fun pastime and at the same time useful for exercising the brain and improving memory. A memory game can help develop concentration and memory, while you enjoy identifying delicious sweets.

We wish you luck playing the memory game!