Lakritsi Rocky Road

Instructions & photo: Nina Niskanen


300 g chocolate according to your taste

100 g almonds

1 bag Halva Väiski marshmallows

1 bag Halva Wanhan ajan Laku Premium

(15 g freeze-dried raspberries)


  1. Toast the almonds in a dry, hot frying pan until they get a little color. Roughly chop the almonds with a knife.

  2. Cut the marshmallows and licorice into smaller pieces with scissors.

  3. In a bowl, mix the marshmallows, licorice and almonds and, if you like, freeze-dried crushed raspberry. You can save a small amount of raspberry for decoration.

  4. Chop the chocolate into a bowl and gently melt in the microwave, stirring occasionally.

  5. Pour the melted chocolate into the other ingredients and mix until smooth.

  6. Spread the mass in a small pan lined with baking paper. Sprinkle raspberry crumble on top.

  7. Allow to set in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Cut into serving sized pieces.