Lakugraavattu lohi

Instructions & photo: Tiina Rantanen

10-12 servings per serving


1 kg salmon fillet

2 tbsp coarse sea salt

2 tbsp sugar

1 1/2 tsp licorice root powder

½ tsp ground black pepper

(2 tbsp of flavored liquor (e.g. Koskenkorva Sata))

Wanhan ajan licorice candies as decoration


  1. Remove any bones from the salmon fillet.

  2. Mix together sea salt, sugar, licorice root powder and black pepper. Spread the spice mixture on the surface of the salmon fillet. Rub the alcohol on the surface of the fish.

  3. Wrap the salmon fillet inside the foil. Place in the refrigerator and let the fish salt for 12 hours.

  4. Wipe the spice mixture off the surface of the salmon and cut the salmon into thin slices to serve.

  5. Decorate the serving plate with pieces of laku. Serve with the Old time licorice bread.