Rocky Road jäätelö vaahtokarkeilla resepti
Rocky Road

Rocky Road ice cream with marshmallows

Instructions & photo: Kaisa Koivunen


Ice cream

4 dl whipping cream

1 prk/ 397g condensed milk

1 dl crushed walnuts

1 dl crushed pecans

1.5 dl finely chopped dark chocolate

4 dl chopped marshmallows

Caramel sauce

Caramel sauce

2 dl whipped cream

1 dl muscovado syrup

1 tsp butter

a pinch of rose salt


  1. Roughly grind the nuts and chocolate, and cut the marshmallows into pieces.
    At this stage, prepare the caramel sauce, i.e. put all caramel ingredients in a pot and cook until the mixture is thick. After that, put it aside to cool.
    Whisk the condensed milk and whipping cream together for as long as possible until the mixture is thick.
    Add the nuts, marshmallows, and chocolate and mix.
    Pour the mixture into a baking dish or other freezer-proof container.
    Finally, mix in the cooled caramel.
    Put the ice cream in the freezer and freeze overnight.