NOTICE 16.1.2023 Board to assess the appropriateness of marketing of food companies

The board evaluating the marketing of foodstuffs has started its operations at the beginning of 2023. The board operating in connection with the Central Chamber of Commerce is independent and independent. It evaluates the appropriateness of marketing on a case-by-case basis based on requests for opinions.

The Food Industry Association, which initiated the committee with the Central Chamber of Commerce, wants to promote self-regulation and responsible practices in the marketing of food companies.

- More and more expectations are placed on the responsibility of food marketing. Marketing channels are also developing all the time. By promoting self-regulation in the industry, we increase companies' knowledge about responsible marketing and get solutions to controversial issues from an independent board, says Marleena Tanhuanpää , director of the Food Industry Association.

- Both companies and consumers benefit from self-regulation, he emphasizes.

Marketing is an important way for companies to inform consumers about products and their features. It is also a key part of business freedom. Marketing promotes competition between companies and creates the conditions for consumers to have a wide selection of products, information for selection decisions and more affordable prices.

Self-regulation has many advantages, already in use in many EU countries

Self-regulation is a good tool for developing marketing responsibility and operating methods in such a way that the needs of business life and changes in the operating environment are also taken into account.

- The establishment of a self-regulatory body is a strong indication that the food industry is committed to bear the responsibility for the appropriateness of the industry's marketing, the board's secretary Paula Paloranta from the Central Chamber of Commerce praises.

With self-regulation, it is possible to react to changes quickly. Industry knowledge is also an advantage.

- The Central Chamber of Commerce has expertise in this type of self-regulation. The advantage of self-regulation is that it is a faster way to take into account changes in the operating environment than legislation. The board's statements take a stand on concrete cases from which all companies can learn, Paloranta reasons.

A request for an opinion on the marketing of food can be made by an individual, a trader or another entity or authority. The board will process the request if the marketing of the food is aimed at a Finnish target audience.

In its evaluations, the board examines whether the marketing complies with the marketing rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the interpretation guidelines for the marketing of foodstuffs, as well as the guidelines for the marketing of foodstuffs prepared by the Finnish Food Industry Association.

Companies can also ask the board for a preliminary opinion on the marketing of their planned food.
Self-regulation of food marketing is already in use in several EU countries. The statements and preliminary statements issued by the Food Marketing Board, which has now started operating in Finland, are of a recommendation nature, like the statements of the Advertising Ethics Council. Statements are public, preliminary statements, on the other hand, are confidential.

More information: Director Marleena Tanhuanpää, tel. 040 528 2207,

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