NOTICE 17.11.22 We started cooperation with the Bower recycling application

Written on November 17, 2022 (March 13, 2023) by tanjamantymaki

Earn money by recycling - Oy Halva Ab started cooperation with Bower

We started cooperation with Bower, the Swedish company that invented the packaging recycling application. Thanks to the cooperation, customers who buy Halva products can recycle the packaging and earn money. For each package recycled through the application, you get points, which can be converted into money or donated to charity.

"Together with Bower, we are expanding our important responsibility work by offering our customers a service that ensures that the packaging is recycled correctly when our products have been consumed. The market has been missing a solution that enables direct communication between the consumer and the producer. With the Bower recycling application, we encourage consumers to recycle packaging, and in addition, the consumer is paid a reward for the effort caused by recycling," says Jean Karavokyros, CEO of Halva.

Packaging recycling application Bower

Halva invests in sustainable development by reducing emissions, using more environmentally friendly packaging materials and increasing waste recycling with the following measures:

  • We increase the use of plastic by increasing the use of recyclable plastic.
  • We reduce the use of traditional plastic by switching to wood-based, carbon-neutral plastic.
  • We have completely given up on the use of palm oil, because rainforests are being cleared for oil palm plantations.
  • The side streams of the production are used to make fodder for pigs.

Last year, we implemented several significant measures to reduce energy consumption. These measures have reduced the confectionery factory's carbon footprint by approximately 25 percent. Through good work and a responsible way of working, the world's best licorice and salmiakki are produced in Finland.

In 2022, we have taken measures that have reduced our carbon footprint by another 15-20%.

Our goal is that by 2025 our business will be completely carbon neutral.

Sustainable development measures

  • We use 100% renewable electrical energy.
  • The district heating we use comes from 100% renewable sources.
  • We have reduced our use of plastic with measures already taken and we are actively looking for new solutions that are better for the environment.
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