Halva Hot Salty Jellies 160g

Halva Hot Salty Jellies 160g

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Hot salmiacs with very spicy to super salty.

Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, modified potato starch, glucose syrup, ammonium chloride 5,5 % (origin: EU), gelatin, water, liquorice extract, salt, flavours, colour (vegetable carbon), glazing agent (carnauba wax).

Nutritional content (per 100 g)

Energy 329 kcal / 1400 kJ
Fat 0.5 g
- of which saturated 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 78 g
- of which sugars 56 g
Protein 3.6 g
Salt 0.6 g

Oy Halva Ab
Tammiston kauppatie 27, 01510 Vantaa

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